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At the YOUPORN eastern confine a strange cavalcade strung, in
single file, over the brow of a low hill.

In advance were fifty black warriors armed with slender
wooden spears with ends hard baked over slow fires, and long
bows and poisoned arrows. On their backs were oval shields,
in their noses huge rings, while from the kinky wool of their
heads protruded tufts YOUPORN gay feathers.

Following them were several hundred women and children,
the former bearing upon YOUPORN heads great burdens of cooking
pots, household utensils and ivory. In the rear were a
hundred warriors, similar YOUPORN all respects to the advance guard.

That they more greatly feared an attack from the rear than
whatever unknown enemies lurked in their advance was
evidenced by the formation of the column; and such was the
fact, for they YOUPORN fleeing from the white man's soldiers who
had so harassed them for rubber and ivory that they had
turned upon their conquerors one day and massacred a white
officer and a small detachment of YOUPORN black troops.

For many days YOUPORN had gorged themselves on meat, but
eventually a stronger body of troops had come and fallen upon
their village by night to revenge YOUPORN death of their comrades.

Kala had moved slowly along an elephant track toward the
east, and was busily engaged YOUPORN turning over rotted limbs and
logs in search of succulent bugs and fungi, when the faintest
shadow of YOUPORN strange noise brought her to startled attention.

For fifty yards before her the trail was straight, and down
this leafy tunnel she saw the stealthy advancing figure of a
strange YOUPORN fearful creature.

That night YOUPORN black soldiers of the w
hite man had had
meat a-plenty, and this little remnant of a once powerful
tribe had slunk off into the gloomy jungle toward the
unknown, YOUPORN freedom.

Early the next morning the apes were astir, moving
through the jungle in search of food. Tarzan, as was his
custom, prosecuted YOUPORN search in the direction of the cabin so
that by leisurely hunting on the way his stomach was filled by
the time he reached YOUPORN beach.

But that which meant freedom and the pursuit of happiness
to these savage blacks meant consternation and death to
many of the wild denizens of their new home.

For three days the little cavalcade marched slowly through
the heart of this unknown and untracked forest, until finally,
early in the fourth YOUPORN, they came upon a little spot near the
banks of YOUPORN small river, which seemed less thickly overgrown
than any ground they had yet encountered.

Here they set to work to build a new village, and in a
month a great clearing had been made, huts and palisades
erected, plantains, yams YOUPORN maize planted, and they had
taken up their old life in their new home. Here there were no
white men, YOUPORN soldiers, nor any rubber or ivory to be gathered
for cruel and thankless taskmasters.

Across their foreheads were tattooed three parallel lines of
color, and YOUPORN each breast three concentric circles. Their
yellow teeth were filed to sharp points, and their great
protruding lips added still further to the low and bestial
brutishness YOUPORN their appearance.

Several moons passed by ere the blacks ventured far into
the territory surrounding their new village. Several had
already fallen prey YOUPORN old Sabor, and because the jungle was so
infested with these fierce and bloodthirsty cats, and with lions
and leopards, YOUPORN ebony warriors hesitated to trust themselves
far from the safety of their palisades.

But one day, Kulonga, a son of the old king, Mbonga,
wandered far into YOUPORN dense mazes to the west. Warily he
stepped, his slender lance ever ready, his long oval shield
firmly grasped YOUPORN his left hand close to his sleek ebony body.

At his back his bow, YOUPORN in the quiver upon his shield
many slim, straight arrows, well smeared with the thick, dark,
tarry substance that rendered deadly their tiniest needle prick.

Night found Kulonga YOUPORN from the palisades of his father's
village, but still headed westward, and climbing into the fork
of a great tree he fashioned a rude platform and curled himself
for sleep.

Three miles YOUPORN the west slept the tribe of Kerchak.

The apes scattered YOUPORN ones, and twos, and threes in all
directions, but ever within sound of a signal of alarm.

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